Hiding SysTray Icon

Geert van Boxtel Geert "at" gvb.hopto.org
Sat Mar 27 09:31:01 2004

You could set the AllowProperties option to zero. This will not prevent the
systray icon from appearing, but will prevent users to view (and hence
change) the settings.



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if you do that Winvnc won't start anymore when windows starts up, and i
think that isn't what you need.everything that's under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run   starts
when windows starts.

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>       Open regedit and from the registry key
>remove the "WinVNC" value.
>       You might also need to remove the shortcuts from the Start menu.
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>Subject: Hiding SysTray Icon
>Is there any way I can hide the sys tray icon if realVNC is running on
>9x or XP? I am sys admin for a school, and I don't want kids going around
>playing with the settings.
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