New to VNC !!!

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Sat Mar 27 09:13:01 2004

you can set your wallpaper if you right click the Winvnc icon in the systray 
and click properties. there you can set "remove desktop wallpaper" off or on


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>Subject: New to VNC !!!
>Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:25:58 +0530
>Hello there !!
>Namaste. I am Vivek from India.
>I am new to VNC. I am talking among much learned ones, please excuse my
>I think VNC is the best thing I could imagine possible as far as 
>controlling a
>remote machine is concerned.
>Its simple functioning has charmed me and my colleagues. It works fine on 
>corporate network (ATM based) but fails to display wallpapers, only black
>screen in active desktop setting, at times.
>I am wondering what could be the applications for online entertainment - 
>than spying on the computers of each other - for mortals like me. Though 
>of the posts look Greek to me, I enjoy trying to decipher them.
>I once heard Maurizio from Italy wondering how to share files in between
>server & viewer. I just rightclick the target folder and put it on sharing
>with full access. Later emailing the file to my address or simply copy and
>paste to my shared folder on network. May be, it is a lot tougher while
>working on internet.
>Keep updating me.
>If you have a specific answer to my post, please send me.
>Vivek Metta
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