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Sat Mar 27 08:19:01 2004

	You have to forward TCP port 5900 (and 5800 if you want to use java client).

	You should have asked or searched wingate on how to do this.  But here you go:

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I have a NT4 server with 2 network cards running Wingate

the internal LAN with the vnc server running on a PC is connected on the
internal IP address range

The internet connection is via a broadband router connected on the other
network card on a different Ip address.

Internal PC's use Wingate as a proxy server to connect to the Internet.
Wingate uses the second network card to connect to the ISP.

We have a fixed IP from the ISP and can configure port forwarding  on the

Can we come in on the fixed IP, route through the network card on the server
to the internal LAN PC on a different IP address somehow?

Appreciate any suggestions

Dave L
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