Norton security and VNC - no help yet

David Bates dbates "at"
Sat Mar 27 06:39:00 2004

I have my settings at Permit All for winvnc4.exe, Permial All for VNCVIEWER.EXE, and Monitor and Permit WINVNC.EXE  I do not run VNC as a service on either machine, I only run VNC when I am actually going to use it.  I just chose those options when the programs were first launched, and it has worked wonderfully.


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> I have NIS 2004 running on both my laptop and my desktop computer. I have
VNC v4 on the laptop talking to VNC 3.3.8 on the desktop (or 3.3.7 I'm not
at home to check right now). I am able to VNC the desktop with no problem.
I've tried through a router, and local connection, both have been
successful. I did not have to make any adjustments to get it working other
than allowing the connection and setting up the router forwarding. It just
works. I have not tried to VNC the laptop from the desktop yet, but one
> This doesn't help you fix the problem, but at least you know it does work.
> I can send you my settings when I have a chance to review them at home.
New baby's don't leave a lot of time for anything else!!
> David
> >>> "E. Sprow" <brakepro "at"> 03/23/04 12:41PM >>>
> Hello,
> I have searched the archives for the following problem:
> when NIS is enabled, I can't get out with the viewer, period. I have
> configured NIS program control to allow vnc viewer to access the internet.
> have allowed monitoring of the necessary ports. No go. It just won't
> with NIS enabled.
> Searching the archives didn't reveal any solutions, just the same problem
> and over again, with suggestions to just 'get rid of norton'. Not an
> here - sorry.
> Now, does anyone simply know if vnc viewer will work with norton, or not?
> Please do not tell me to doublecheck my work, this has been consuming me
for a
> while now and I am sure of the configuration of norton. There is no
> connecting to the server machine with NIS enabled on that (host) machine,
> the viewer trying to get in from the remote machine needs NIS disabled.
> is just maddening.
> Cheers!
> Elke
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