realvnc through NAT-routers

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Fri Mar 26 16:03:00 2004

Scottini, Dickson:

	Heyaz. Everything you ever wanted to know about VNC
and NAT'ing routers can be found here (I hope!):

	I hope it helps!


1> Hi everyone!
1> How can I control a pc through a router in NAT configuration, so that
1> public router IP is shared by all computers of the local net?

2> My computer is connecting to a router
2> When I install VNC, the icon of VNC display the fake IP
2> which is not my real ISP connection IP
2> It's just the IP offer by my router
2> Thats mean I cannot use VNC if I connect to a router?
2> Thank you !