NIS and no solution yet

E. Sprow brakepro "at"
Thu Mar 25 18:16:47 2004


Seak, here is a link for free 'trialware' of Norton Internet security, the
2004 package (I have 2003 and am not sure if that is part of the problem):

James, thanks for the lead and yes I do have it correct in program control,
just making shortcuts for the list here, that's a bad idea I see now in

When NIS is enabled and I try to connect, I get:
"server closed connection unexpectedly";
when it is disabled on the viewer end but enabled on the server end, I get:
"connection timed out" and I think a '10006' error message.

Thanks for your help in mitigating my madness here;)

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I've lots of machines available to me for tests, but I don't have NIS. If
you could tell me where I could find NIS, eg some evaluation version, I
could take a look for you.

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>    Hello Learned List People,
> Going a bit crazy here:
> Does Norton Internet Security 2003 work with VNC, or NOT???
> If so, can anyone please send their settings?
> Sorry Peter, still trying to do this without SSH.
> My settings in NIS:
> 'program control':  vncserver.exe: permit
>                             vncviewer.exe: permit
> general rule:  allow TCP in and out from all computers.
> workgroup networking:  allow connections only from the following (my own
> corporate network).
> And no, I still have to disable NIS to make a connection.
> What is it about VNC that does't like the taste of NIS, or rather, the
> opposite?
> David, you wrote that NIS 2004 works; I don't know what is different from
> 2003 version.
> This may seem like a small thing, but going over the list archives, I see
> small things that are constantly adding the knowledge base.  This would
> certainly help. (shameless plea for help).
> Elke;)