Interesting problem, 50% fixed

The Aquatic Jew TheAquaticJew "at"
Thu Mar 25 16:49:00 2004

I am running a Linksys router at home, where the computer I want to VNC
Serve is located. The computer is set to

While I am at home, I can use VNC Client to connect to the internal network
IP with no problems. However, I can't connect outside my home, with one

I have both ports 5800 and 5900 forwarded with UDP only to I
still can't connect via VNC Client, but, the website that detects whether or
not a connection is available says that there is, and, I *can* connect via
the Java website ability. 

Because it seems to be somewhat working, I'm really stumped as to how to
completely fix it so I can use the VNC client when I'm out to connect to my
home computer, instead of using the Java viewer.

Any ideas?