NIS and no solution yet

E. Sprow brakepro "at"
Thu Mar 25 15:19:00 2004

   Hello Learned List People,

Going a bit crazy here:

Does Norton Internet Security 2003 work with VNC, or NOT???

If so, can anyone please send their settings?

Sorry Peter, still trying to do this without SSH.

My settings in NIS:

'program control':  vncserver.exe: permit
                            vncviewer.exe: permit

general rule:  allow TCP in and out from all computers.

workgroup networking:  allow connections only from the following (my own
corporate network).

And no, I still have to disable NIS to make a connection.

What is it about VNC that does't like the taste of NIS, or rather, the

David, you wrote that NIS 2004 works; I don't know what is different from the
2003 version.

This may seem like a small thing, but going over the list archives, I see many
small things that are constantly adding the knowledge base.  This would
certainly help. (shameless plea for help).