router config to work with VNC

Jerome R. Westrick jerry "at"
Thu Mar 25 08:05:01 2004

I have not been following your posts, so I really shouldn't 
but in, but.....

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 01:13, Tom Knowlton wrote:
> Does this diagram help any?  (until I can get Kaboodle up and running)

Yep, it shows where you got problems...
Namely you got these cute little boxes representing hosts,
and lines connecting them, representing networks.
Several hosts, are connected to 2 networks.
But you only list one of the network addresses.

For example the ActionTec Broadband modem has following connections:
1) to the internet "network", with network address  
2) and with an internal network with address ???.???.???.???

I suspect that both internal networks have the same range...