router config to work with VNC

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Wed Mar 24 19:10:01 2004

	Apologies in advance for the shameless promotion here, but it
just so happens to solve your problem. :)

	One way to get VNC to work without needing to configure your
router at all is to use Kaboodle. Via the KaboodleProxy capability
(see http:///, neither side of
the connection needs to touch their firewall/router at all. Plus the
VNC connection is now Zebedee-secured. It's free to try, cheap to
buy, and very well supported :)

	I'm currently working on modifying the VNC Server and Viewer
so that they can utilize an echoServer (like KaboodleProxy) directly
without having to be tunneled as part of a Kaboodle VPN connection.
It should be fairly straightforward as the "hard part" of the proxy
coding is already done.

hope this helps,

> If anyone is online tonight, I could use some help.
> I have the following setup:
> Internet -> ActionTec Broadband DSL Gateway modem -> DLink wireless router ->  LAN
> Both the ActionTec and the DLink routers support port forwarding, which I have specified as ports 5800 thru 5900 on the ActionTec and 5800 thru 5900 on the DLink router as well.
> When I go to and check my IP for open ports.....NONE are open.
> Can someone help me?
> Tom