Open Ports

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Wed Mar 24 15:56:00 2004

	Of course: anyone wanting to do this can simply use telnet on
their PC to "probe the ports" of any IP address they want. That's
more or less like walking thru a neighborhood and "testing" to see
if people lock their front doors -- after 100 or so "tests", the
authorities might question your motivation. :)

	In general, no, I don't know of any web-scan services that
let you plug-in an IP address to be scanned. Beyond the security
concerns, it's actually too easy to do (see above). The trickiest
part about scanning, in a way, is finding a way to test the firewall
or router that the scanning-PC is protected by. Many firewall/routers
don't handle that "loopback" situation very well, and so tests
originating internally would be inconclusive.


On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Tom Knowlton wrote:

> Scott:
> Chaos, perhaps....but can't those who want to do this find a way to do it anyway?
> Tom
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> From: Scott C. Best [mailto:sbest "at"]
> Tom:
> 	Heya. Answer is no: I coded the GoToMyVNC web-scan so that
> it only scans the IP address from the connecting web browser. That's
> fairly standard for web-scan services; you can imagine the chaos
> if it wasn't. :)
> -Scott