Viewing WebCam output on client computer

Adam Stuart eisenklein "at"
Wed Mar 24 13:23:01 2004


I use VNC between a host computer (running Win XP home
edition) and a client
computer running Win ME. I have a remotely controlled
telescope in an
observatory  connected to the host computer. I can
control the telescope
from my house in real-time by watching the screen. I
connected a webcam to
the telescope and can watch the real-time video on the
host computer, but
this display cannot be seen on the client computer.
From the client
computer, I can take control of the host computer and
toggle between open
programs on the host computer. As soon as I select the
Webcam program from
the taskbar the image appears for an instant on the
client computer and then
it is just black. Everything else works great. Any



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