router config to work with VNC

Ron Grant nortnarg "at"
Wed Mar 24 04:26:01 2004

I have a D-Link  Wired router, so may be different in that respect, but I
went to the router software and logged in as admin.
Click on the Advanced tab.
The Virtual Server button on the left is open, or active.
Here, I configured a new server entry as follows:

Name:  Any name you want
IP address:  The IP of your machine.
Protocol TCP
Both in and out ports at 5900.

Be sure to click the enabled radio button at the top.
I set to always, or you can set a schedule.    I only turn mine on when

Hope this helps some.


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Subject: router config to work with VNC

> If anyone is online tonight, I could use some help.
> I have the following setup:
> Internet -> ActionTec Broadband DSL Gateway modem -> DLink wireless
router ->  LAN
> Both the ActionTec and the DLink routers support port forwarding, which I
have specified as ports 5800 thru 5900 on the ActionTec and 5800 thru 5900
on the DLink router as well.
> When I go to and check my IP for open ports.....NONE are
> Can someone help me?
> Tom
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