VNCViewer closes after couple of seconds

Michiel Visser michiel.visser "at"
Tue Mar 23 12:13:00 2004

I'm accessing two machines (next to eachother, in the same network domain) 
with VNCViewer.
With the first machine (M1) all goes fine. However, the second machine 
(M2) is a constant trouble maker.

After making the connection to M2, I have a couple of seconds a view of 
the desktop. After that the VNC Viewer closes the connection without any 
I've been trying to change some viewer settings, but with no result 
(Server settings are the same on M1 and M2).

After trying several times to connect to M2, the server stops responding 
("Failed to Connect to server"), so I guess the server side software has 
crashed (The machines I try to access are obviously on a different 
location, so I can't just walk there and check their state).

I'm using VNC Server 3.3.7 (Have tried with the viewers VNC Viewer 3.3.7, 
VNC Viewer 4b4, TightVNC, UltraVNC with the same results)

Michiel Visser