Win98 server PC crashing

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Mar 22 17:08:01 2004

	There have been quite a lot of bug reports in Win98 recently, but the causes are quite varied.

	Some are because the idletimeout (in server side) is too small.  Some are corrupted registry keys. etc, etc

	A simple way would be :
1) make sure your Win98 has all service packs / patches applied.
2) uninstall VNC and delete all VNC related registry keys
3) reinstall VNC

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> Objet : Win98 server PC crashing
> Hi:
> I have been using Tridia VNC for remoting into 2 Win98 PCs - supporting
> friends of mine.
> My viewer has been on either XP or Linux.  For both Win98 PCs, I can initially
> connect fine, but then the session will crash/disconnect me, and I have to get
> the remote person to reboot for me to reconnect (restarting VNC server their
> end doesn't work).   Both Win98 PCs are on broadband - one in the UK (where I
> am) one in the US!  I am also on broadband!
> I am wondering:
> 1)  Is this a general problem with VNC servers on Win98?  Browsing the support
> list doesn't seem to indicate so.
> 2)  If not, does anyone have this sort of problem with RealVNC (as opposed to
> TridiaVNC)?
> I've downloaded the V4 beta of RealVNC to see whether I can get it to work
> better.  I like the browser option!
> Regs
> Rupert Heesom.
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