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Sun Mar 21 16:18:00 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, First Name Last Name wrote:

> The chart below is what happens when I Ping from each machine.
> (W2K) (XP) (W95)
> XP      okay                         okay                       timed out
> W2K   okay                         timed out                timed out
> W95   okay                         timed out                okay
> I've attempted to VNC to/from all the machines and this is what I get.
> XP----->W2K (I can sit at the XP and VNC into the W2K.)
> W95-->W2K (I can sit at the W95 and VNC intot he W2K.)
> No other combinations will work. I've tried to VNC from the XP to the W95
> but it doesn't work. Also trying to VNC from the W2K to the W95 or XP will
> not work.

This is not the forum to debug Windows networking.
That said, VNC won't work if the fundamental network is not
straightened out first.

Some suggestions:

Work on 2 machines at a time. Get those communicating both ways.
The one way W95->W2K leads me to suspect W95 doesn't have its LAN
setup independent of DUN, or has incorrect DHCP, or gateway.

Then do the same with W2K->XP

When all machines can ping each other, then it will be fruitful to
discuss VNC difficulties...if any.

Hope this helps-


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