ZlibHex unknown subencoding 113 encountered error?

n/a parky82 "at" yahoo.com
Sun Mar 21 00:26:00 2004

I just installed the latest VNC server on my Windows
XP machine. I also downloaded Chicken of VNC for my
PowerBook running Mac OS X Panther.
Both computers are in LAN... PC's IP is,
and powerbook's IP is (I have linksys
router to share internet connection)

Anyways, when I connect to my PC from my Mac, it loads
up black screen with my PC's name as the title, but
shortly after, I get
"Terminate Connection
ZlibHex unknown subencoding 113 encountered"
error message. I have 3 options - Quit, Reconnect, Ok.
When I choose Reconnect, same thing happens again.

Anybody know what this error is? Thanks

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