Compatibility issues with DOS

William Hooper whooper "at"
Fri Mar 19 18:38:00 2004

Gregory Zoughbi said:
> Hi,
> I have been using WinVNC to control another machine. Everything works well
> except that whenever I type anything in the DOS window, it does not
> automatically refresh the window at the client side. When I explicitly
> click refresh, I get the actual screenshot.
> Does anyone know what the issue here is? Did I mess the Server source code
> or is this a known Bug?

Kind of hard to tell, you don't tell us what version of VNC you are using.

> I am also experiencing technical difficulties with Windows 98. Is WinVNC
> funnly compatible with Windows 98, regular edition?

WORKSFORME.  Try using VNC4 beta4.

William Hooper