Failed to Connect to Server

Theodore Kearley tkearley "at"
Fri Mar 19 16:12:00 2004

Netstat is showing ports 5900 and 5800 are on IP, not the
public IP.  I can 'telnet 5900' on the NT PC and get the
expected 'RFB 003.003' message.  On what address should VNC be
listening?  Is there a way to make it listen on that address?


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	FYI, you could get the list of all listening and connected TCP
ports by using this command:
netstat -a -n -p tcp

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> Theodore:
> 	Heya. Since you cannot telnet into the server while it's
> running, there's either 1 of 3 things wrong. First, it's possible
> that the server's not really running. On WinnT, I use the fport
> utility to see what's actually active and listening to a port.
> Also, please be sure you're using the very latest version of VNC
> when you test.
> 	Second, it's possible that a "software firewall" has been
> put in place on your WinNT machine, either as part of the WinRoute
> package, part of WinNT itself, or as a standalone application
> (like Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm). To find those, you'll
> have to closely examine the processes running on your PC. I use
> WinTasks Pro for that.
> 	Lastly, it's possible that WinVNC is running, but is
> listening to a non-standard port. The fport utility can help trace
> that down as well.
> 	Hope this helps!
> -Scott
> > I am running VNC on Windows NT that is also running Kerio WinRoute
> > I had to restart the PC yesterday and since it was restarted, I
> > access the PC with VNC.  I saw a posting that recommended trying to
> > telnet the PC (telnet ip 5900) and see if it would connect using the
> > public IP and the private IP but it would not.  All of the ports are
> > open in the network configuration for both TCP/IP protocols.  Using
> > <>  shows no response
> > any display adapters.  I have stopped and restarted the VNC service
> > removed it and reinstalled it (both realvnc and tightvnc) all to no
> > avail.  The WinRoute software is working fine - I can access the
> > to get to the terminal services server and use pcAnywhere to get to
> > host PC on the network.  There is nothing to configure for VNC to
> > in the router since it has a direct connection to the WAN.  Besides,
> > cannot connect on the internal address.
> >
> > Any ideas as to what could be broken?
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