Compiling TightVNC from source

some one someone66 "at"
Fri Mar 19 05:46:01 2004


Firstly, thank you for your prompt reply, much appreciated.
The water is far less muddy now.   :-)

In regard to downloading newer sources from CVS, how do I determine which 
ones I need?
I have had a look through the CVS folders but I am afraid it is not obvious 
to me which files I need to download in order not to have to build the other 
2 .dll files (zlib and omnithread_rt) that you say is now possible with C++.
Can you please offer a little more help here?



>From: Constantin Kaplinsky <const "at">
>To: "some one" <someone66 "at">
>CC: vnc-list "at"
>Subject: Re: Compiling TightVNC from source
>Date: 18 Mar 2004 17:55:19 +0600
> >>>>> "so" == "some one" <someone66 "at"> writes:
>so> I have some questions about compliling TightVNC source files. When
>so> using the downloadable source files the winvnce.exe that is
>so> created (when Release is chosen) is larger in size than that which
>so> is installed using the TightVNC install package, about 50kb
>so> larger.
>so> Also, to run the install package version of winvnc.exe, the only
>so> other file required is VNCHooks.dll.
>so> When I compile the source files I need to compile VNCHooks.dll,
>so> zlib.dll and omnithread_rt.dll as well in order to ger WinVNC to
>so> run.
>so> In the build doco it says that you should build the No_Corba
>so> version. How do you do that? I could not find this as an option.
>so> All I can find is Release, Debug, Profile and HorizonLive.
>so> Am I missing something really basic here? I am a real newbie to
>so> C++ so be kind, please. :-)
>All the TightVNC releases were compiled using Borland C++ compiler.
>That's the reason for such differences. There are corresponding
>compilation notes in the file BUILDING-bcc32.txt, within the source
>If you would like to compile TightVNC with MS VC++ 6.0, and don't want
>libraries to compile into DLLs, use the latest sources from the CVS
>tree -- we have fixed that issue recently.
>As for the No_Corba configuration, it is obsolete. I'll fix the
>winvnc/BUILDING.txt file to reflect that fact.
>With Best Wishes,

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