Connecting DSL PC to Dial-up PC

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Thu Mar 18 22:31:00 2004

	Well, the underlying proposition for VNC to work is that the machine isn't a standalone one.  It has to be connected one way or another.

	Or do you mean you want to dialin your remote PC and control it?  In this case, whether your home PC is connected to Internet is irrelevant.  All you need is a telephone line.

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Thanks for the response.
However, I don't understand how to get the remote PC online by using the home PC. If the remote dial-up PC is turned on but not connected to the internet, how do I use the home PC to dial-up the internet connection for the remote PC and get it online? The home DSL computer is always online but the dial-up merely waiting to be connected.  
Mike Vaughan