VNC, Win95 and MIDI sequencers

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Thu Mar 18 22:07:00 2004

	When you talk about Win95, it's actually in which version?  You know, there are 95A, 95B (aka OSR2) and 95C (aka OSR2.5).

	I suppose your machine isn't fast enough to support Win98 and thus you would like to stick to Win95, right?  If it's so and you have 95A or 95B, you might consider upgrade it to 95C -- it doesn't require a much better hardware than 95A/B.  "Where can I find one?" you might ask.  Well, not that I encourage illegal copy but honestly and firstly, Win95 was so buggy that MS had to release two more versions in such a short time (with some other improvements, sure) but instead of proposing them as free upgrades to Win95 owners, MS sold them as "real" products.  Secondly, even MS doesn't care about Win95 nowadays :-)

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> Jim,
> Yes, I was using VNC 3.3.7.  I also found that even when I was not trying to
> run remote, my MIDI output was being corrupted.  I tried disconnecting the
> network, but even then apparently VNC was interfering with the MIDI driver.
> I finally uninstalled VNC and the problem went away.
> I will download the VNC 4b4 (beta release, right?) and try it.  Do I need to
> install the 4b4 version on all machines in my network?  Or can 3.3.7 viewers
> work with the 4b4?
> An aside relative to Intel and thunking - I remember back in the 80's, Berke
> Breathed (Bloom County cartoon, remember?) referred to the Intel processors
> as 'El Stinko'.  I was writing assembly code for PC's at the time, and was
> also less than a fan of the segmented addressing.  I finally resignedly came
> to peace with the beasts, but I see that their heritage still lives.
> Bob
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> > Bob,
> >
> > If you are using VNC 3.3.7 when seeing this problem, try VNC 4b4, which
> > should be less likely to interact badly with thunked code.
> >
> > Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.
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