FW: Failed to Connect to Server

Theodore Kearley tkearley "at" damson.com
Thu Mar 18 18:49:01 2004

Thanks for your comments.  Yes, I mean the Internet side.  This was
working before the server was restarted.  WinRoute Pro has been
installed for months and has been working without a problem.  Everything
in the WinNT settings looks good.  We use the public IPs to get to
several sites when we need to manually stop and restart the router
software so the router should not interfere with connecting via the
pulic IP to VNC.  The IP addresses (internal and public) are all
configured correctly (unless there's a setting that I am missing).  

And, no, I cannot connect from the local side to the WinNT machine.


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	When you say WAN, you mean the Internet side?  Or is it really a
WAN?  That means your WinNT is a gateway connecting two LAN's?

	First, have you applied SP6a to your WinNT?  How about IE?
Second, make sure that within the LAN, a viewer can connect to your
(WinNT's )VNC server.  If this part doesn't work (from what I
understood, this seems to be your case), you don't have to look further;
look into your WinNT.  Your problem happened after you installed your
WinRoute Pro, right?  Check your software's manual to see if it's change
your WinNT IP address in some way, and how to do "port forwarding" to

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> Objet : Failed to Connect to Server
> I am running VNC on Windows NT that is also running Kerio WinRoute
> I had to restart the PC yesterday and since it was restarted, I cannot
> access the PC with VNC.  I saw a posting that recommended trying to
> telnet the PC (telnet ip 5900) and see if it would connect using the
> public IP and the private IP but it would not.  All of the ports are
> open in the network configuration for both TCP/IP protocols.  Using
> www.gotomyvnc.com <http://www.gotomyvnc.com/>  shows no response from
> any display adapters.  I have stopped and restarted the VNC service
> removed it and reinstalled it (both realvnc and tightvnc) all to no
> avail.  The WinRoute software is working fine - I can access the
> to get to the terminal services server and use pcAnywhere to get to a
> host PC on the network.  There is nothing to configure for VNC to work
> in the router since it has a direct connection to the WAN.  Besides, I
> cannot connect on the internal address.
> Any ideas as to what could be broken?
> Thanks,
> Theodore
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