VNC, Win95 and MIDI sequencers

Bob Davis bobdavis "at"
Thu Mar 18 18:40:02 2004


Yes, I was using VNC 3.3.7.  I also found that even when I was not trying to
run remote, my MIDI output was being corrupted.  I tried disconnecting the
network, but even then apparently VNC was interfering with the MIDI driver.
I finally uninstalled VNC and the problem went away.

I will download the VNC 4b4 (beta release, right?) and try it.  Do I need to
install the 4b4 version on all machines in my network?  Or can 3.3.7 viewers
work with the 4b4?

An aside relative to Intel and thunking - I remember back in the 80's, Berke
Breathed (Bloom County cartoon, remember?) referred to the Intel processors
as 'El Stinko'.  I was writing assembly code for PC's at the time, and was
also less than a fan of the segmented addressing.  I finally resignedly came
to peace with the beasts, but I see that their heritage still lives.


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> Bob,
> If you are using VNC 3.3.7 when seeing this problem, try VNC 4b4, which
> should be less likely to interact badly with thunked code.
> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.