TightVNC on Solaris 8

Hi Tech hitec92407 "at" yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 18:03:25 2004


I actually took a different approach but you pointed
me in the right direction. Thanks!

What I ended up doing is setting the ownership and
perms on Xvnc the same way SUN does for Xsun. Its more
secure that way.


The reason your having to reset your directory perms
is because /tmp is a virtual file system and gets
cleared everytime the system reboots.

If you reset the perms on Xvnc as I did you won't have
to deal with that anymore, and you'll be able to run
Xvnc as a non-root user.

Thank again!

--- wilfried "at" gaensheimer.de wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Hi Tech wrote:
> hi,
> i guess that's the same old problem I have every
> time my workstation
> gets rebooted: the permissions of
>   /tmp/.X11-unix
> are set to not allow arbitrary users to create a
> socket (special file) in
> there.
> Change permissions of above listed directory and try
> again.
> HTH.
> Bye
> Wilfried
> > Trying to run Tight VNC on Solaris 8 the following
> > messages are displayed:
> > 
> > _XSERVTransSocketCreateListener: failed to bind
> > listener
> > _XSERVTransSocketUNIXCreateListener:
> -- 
> # wilfried "at" gaensheimer.de, no .sig today #

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