VNC, Win95 and MIDI sequencers

Bob Davis bobdavis "at"
Thu Mar 18 17:02:01 2004


Thanks for the response.  I brought up the mvps site and read his blurb on
thunking.  It was actually a little more illuminating than the text I had
read on the subject in a MIDI book that I have.  However, I really don't
want to know that much about the subject at this time.  I  would point out,
though, that the thunking problem (i.e., the complexity of getting between
16 and 32 bit operation in Intel processors) is NOT a problem with Windows
per se, but really a problem with the 386 and later Intel processors.

The MIDI problem, at least according to the MIDI book, is that timing
precise enough for MIDI cannot be achieved with the polling multitasker used
in 32 bit Windows 95 and later.  Thus one must get back to a level of the OS
where interrupt driven processes exist.  The problem is not with 32 bit
operation, but with polled multitasking, so a 32 bit driver would not help.
My question, I guess, should have been whether there is any inherent problem
with VNC and thunking processes.

Bob Davis
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I just found

with google. Apparently, your MIDI driver needs thunking as a translation
layer between the 32 bit OS and the 16 bit driver code.

Try to get a 32 bit driver for your piano.



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