Connecting DSL PC to Dial-up PC

michael vaughan JapanPac "at"
Thu Mar 18 15:40:01 2004

Excuse the ignorance but I just found this software & site.

I want to connect from my home PC (viewer) to a PC(server) in another
location. I will install the viewer software at home and the server software
in the other location.  The home PC is Windows XP and operates with Verizon
DSL.  The remote PC is Win98 and has a dial-up modem. (I am presuming I can
connect to a Verizon dial-up number in that location).

Main Question: How do I initiate the remote dial-up connection from my home

Any advice to forestall problems will be much appreciated. My objective is to
use the remote PC in tandem with wireless video surveillance cameras.  I am
hoping VNC will give me remote video surveillance..125 miles away!

Thanks to all in advance,

Michael Vaughan