Compiling TightVNC from source

some one someone66 "at"
Thu Mar 18 11:25:01 2004

I have some questions about compliling TightVNC source files.
When using the downloadable source files the winvnce.exe that is created 
(when Release is chosen) is larger in size than that which is installed 
using the TightVNC install package, about 50kb larger.
Also, to run the install package version of winvnc.exe, the only other file 
required is VNCHooks.dll.
When I compile the source files I need to compile VNCHooks.dll, zlib.dll and 
omnithread_rt.dll as well in order to ger WinVNC to run.
In the build doco it says that you should build the No_Corba version. How do 
you do that? I could not find this as an option. All I can find is Release, 
Debug, Profile and HorizonLive.

Am I missing something really basic here?
I am a real newbie to C++ so be kind, please.   :-)

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