VNC authentication failed

p putkowski siikuls "at"
Wed Mar 17 17:39:01 2004

Server   vnc-server-4.0.0-beta4.3  Fedora core

Viewer  Win32 3.3.7                   XP Pro
Viewer  vnc-3.3.3r2-47                RH 9
Viewer  vnc-4.0-0.beta4.3           Suse 9.0

Using xinetd, with identical /etc/services entries and
/etc/xinetd.d/vncserver file entries as RH 9, all attempts to connect to the
Fedora box fail with the authentication error. (Changed the usual Xaccess,
gdmconfig, xdm-config, and etc.)

Even attempts to localhost fail.

CConnection : using RFB protocol version 3.7

I have run vncpasswd to (re)set the password. I can connect to the box by
manually starting a server (and using the same password.)

All the other systems are playing well together(all are on the good side of
the firewall) Is there something new I need to setup for this VNC version?

Another odd indication in the system log:

Xinetd(pid): warning: cant get client address. Transport endpoint is not