Infinite Loop (RealVNC)

Wayne Ivory waynei "at"
Tue Mar 16 00:39:00 2004

This is not really a question, just a "heads up" for interested parties.
Not sure if it's been reported before.


Yesterday one of my IT colleagues went to do some work on one of our
production servers.  Whilst there he wanted to check something on his own PC
and rather than walk back to the office he just VNC'd to his desktop.  But
he forgot that earlier he had VNC'd from his desktop to the production
server in question and left the session open.  What he experienced next was
a cascading of windows that he could only stop by closing the WinVNC icon in
the system tray.


This behaviour is understandable I suppose but not really ideal.  I'm not
even sure what would be a reasonable response to this situation - preventing
the second connection seems a bit harsh; perhaps the first connection should
get terminated??




Wayne Ivory

IT Analyst Programmer

Wespine Industries Pty Ltd