ReadExact: Socket error while reading

Chow1012 davechow "at"
Sun Mar 14 22:02:00 2004

Hi all,

I was trying to connect my PC running XP Home to a PC in another province
using VNC.
I have a Linksys router.
After my password was authenticated, it stayed in the initial screen loading.
After a
while it reported an error
        ReadExact: Socket while reading

I tried to isolate the problem and have the following results:
1. If I bypassed the router and go directly to the cable modem, there was no
problem. This made
me think that the router was causing the problem.
2. If I used a PC running WinME, there was no problem going through the
router. This made me
think that WinXP has problem.

What was actually cauing the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.