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Peter Coulter peter "at"
Sun Mar 14 15:07:01 2004

To which IP address are you refering?

If you are refering to your external (public) IP address then you should
investigate using a Dynamic DNS service, such as provided by
or If you create an account there then you use the account
name and the service resolves your changing IP address to the service name -
so no need to worry about the constantly changing IP address. 

And no you should need to reinstalle RealVNC. 

Peter Coulter

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> From: J Leeman leeman "at"
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> Subject: SSH
> Date: Sat Mar 6 20:54:01 2004
> I had RealVNC installed as a service on a local workstation, however
> the IP address of the computer has been changed.
> I cannot connect to the server using this new ip address.....would
> RealVNC have to be reinstalled?
> Thank You