Wrong connection

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw "at" openminddev.net
Sun Mar 14 09:31:01 2004

On Sunday 14 March 2004 01:16, Wesley Walker wrote:
> When I try to connect to Marsha computer I get Freds
> computer instead. Is there a way to correct this.


The humorous responses are due to the fact that you provided no information 
about your setup to enable anyone to even have a chance to offer you help.

We cannot read your mind, we cannot see your computers and we have no idea how 
you have configured things.

You need to tell us in *detail* how things are set up, and *exactly* what you 
are doing.

Detail means:
* What OS you are running on each machine.
* What version of VNC you are running on each machine.
* How the machines are connected.
(Are they on a LAN?  On the same subnet?  What are their ip addresses?  What 
machine machine are you connecting from?  Is it also on the LAN, or is it 
accessing via the internet?  Is there a firewall/router between it and the 
machine you are running the viewer on?  Are you using port-forwarding?  What 
ports have your forwarded?)
* What commands you are typing or how are running the viewer when you try and 
connect to Martha's PC.  Similarly when connecting to Fred's PC.
* Anything else you can think of that may be relevant to your setup.

Also, always remember you are have having a discussion with the list, not an 
individual, so in general keep the discussion on list unless someone 
answering your question has explicitly taken it off list.



Rasjid Wilcox
Canberra, Australia (UTC +11 hrs)