VNC and Routers (was: <no subject>)

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sat Mar 13 22:03:00 2004


	Heya. If you can't get port-forwarding and your router
to work nicely with VNC, you might want to give Kaboodle a try.
With the KaboodleProxy feature, two Kaboodle users can connect
with each other without either of them having to adjust their
firewall/routers at all. The connection is made with Zebedee,
so you can a secure VNC session as well. Details here:

	I hope it helps!


> Hi, I have a LAN connected to Internet using DSL with SMC Barricade 7004ABR
> And I have the same problem I have read others have.
> I did the port forwarding correctly 5901 to 192.168.2.x, 5902 to 192.168.2.y,
> etc. The idea was to access each PC on the LAN from Internet with VNC.
> The only way I could connect to one PC was entering that PC to the DMZ; but I
> tryed to add the other PC's and it was not possible.
> When you enter the DMZ, your current WAN IP is displayed by default on the
> left column, but just for the first row. If you type that WAN IP on the second
> row so you can add another PC, it seems like the router ignore that since even
> checking the connection at the only display that works is
> the one assigned to the PC in the first row of the DMZ.
> I have 2 questions (so far)
> 1. What can I do to add all the PC's to the DMZ?
> 2. Is there another way to make VNC work with this router? (I mean, using DMZ
> is exposing the LAN to well knowing risks and there's no reason for the
> firewall if you are not going to use it)
> I tryed uncheking the Stateful Packet Inspection because I read it in the
> archive mailing list but it did not work
> I hope anyone can help me
> Thanks in advance