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salomon_rincon@hazclick.com salomon_rincon "at" hazclick.com
Sat Mar 13 03:27:00 2004

Hi, I have a LAN connected to Internet using DSL with SMC Barricade 7004ABR
And I have the same problem I have read others have.
I did the port forwarding correctly 5901 to 192.168.2.x, 5902 to 192.168.2.y,
etc. The idea was to access each PC on the LAN from Internet with VNC.
The only way I could connect to one PC was entering that PC to the DMZ; but I
tryed to add the other PC's and it was not possible.
When you enter the DMZ, your current WAN IP is displayed by default on the
left column, but just for the first row. If you type that WAN IP on the second
row so you can add another PC, it seems like the router ignore that since even
checking the connection at www.gotomyvnc.com the only display that works is
the one assigned to the PC in the first row of the DMZ.

I have 2 questions (so far)

1. What can I do to add all the PC's to the DMZ?
2. Is there another way to make VNC work with this router? (I mean, using DMZ
is exposing the LAN to well knowing risks and there's no reason for the
firewall if you are not going to use it)

I tryed uncheking the Stateful Packet Inspection because I read it in the
archive mailing list but it did not work

I hope anyone can help me
Thanks in advance