Secure VNC

Mike Miller mbmiller "at"
Fri Mar 12 18:53:00 2004

On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Wayne Throop wrote:

> I didn't see anybody else mention it, but it's worth noting
> that the use of "plaintext" here is a cryptogaphic technical term,
> meaning "the unencrypted form", as contrasted with "ciphertext".
> The use in "data exchange [] is in plaintext" does not imply
> that the data will be interpreted as ascii characters.
> That is, it's not refering to the MIME type text/plain.

Thank you.  I will retract my earlier accusation.  I was not familiar with
that definition of the term.  Clearly, this implies that cryptographers
see VNC encoded transmission as not meaningfully different from plain text
telnet transmissions.

The two definitions: