True Dual Desktop

John Huizing jhuizing "at"
Thu Mar 11 16:05:00 2004

So the question is can it be done the way I described it? 
Or am I restricted to viewing only one monitor?

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What you seem to be describing is the difference between treating all
physical monitors as a single monitor, so that windows span physical
monitors, and having windows maximise only to the monitor on which they
reside.  How windows maximise has nothing to do with the VNC Server, though.
Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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Not sure what you mean. The current system I am using has 2 monitors. 
This email is being typed on one monitor, while an application runs on the
second monitor. 
This is what I want to see at the other end. 

Perhaps the term "desktop" is incorect. 
When an application is maximized it fills only one monitor. 

I hope this clarifies my situation. 


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Windows 2000 can't do that.  Each monitor is either attached as part of the 
window station, or is accessed specially by applications.  "Desktops" under 
Windows 2000 are basically virtual and only one can be visible in a window 
station at any time. 

Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.