Alcatel speed touch router + VNC

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Thu Mar 11 13:06:00 2004

	First of all, make sure you're really using port 5901 in your VNC server, because the default port is rather 5900.

	OTOH, you don't precise what model you're using.  "Alcatel speed touch router" could correspond to several models.  And if you could provide us an online manual, maybe someone could take a look and tell you what to do.

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> De : Luke Hesketh [mailto:l_hesketh "at"]
> Envoyi : jeudi 11 mars 2004 09:11
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> Objet : Alcatel speed touch router + VNC
>    I want to try and setup my router so that I can access my computer via
>    VNC from a remote location.
>    I  have  done some reading and learned that the way to do this is open
>    port  5901  on  the  router  and have it forward this to the ip of the
>    computer on the internal LAN running the VNC server on this port.
>    I  dont  have any idea how to do this with this particular router, and
>    reading the help manuel didn't help me much either.
>    If anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.