Regarding VNC4 b4

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Thu Mar 11 12:56:01 2004

	I've just recieved the same message as you from edickey.  Apparently he's a member of the list, but I'm not going to reply either.  If he can't received my mails, it's his problem :-)

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> Objet : RE: Regarding VNC4 b4
> Plain Jane display.  No transparency or anything else.
> This particular machine is a Pentium 120 with 32Mb ram and a built in low end video
> adapter.
> On a separate heads up and change of topic, has anyone received some weird message from
> `EDickey "at"` where he/she claims to have installed something called spamender
> and I must reply to the message to be able to send him/her messages?
> Irrespective of the explanation that reads ....
> "In an effort to eliminate unsolicited e-mail, I have installed SpamEnder.  You must REPLY
> to this e-mail, without modifying the subject line, so that SpamEnder will release your
> original message to my Inbox. Upon my approval, future e-mails you send to me will be
> released automatically. If you do not REPLY to this e-mail, SpamEnder will block all future
> e-mails from this address and will not give you another opportunity to reply."
> .... I'm not going to reply to it.  To me it looks like some very clever and seriously absolute
> social engineering trick.
> Besides, I've never sent Everett anything.
> At 18:24 10/03/2004, James Weatherall wrote:
> >> On the viewer computer (no wallpaper) issue a `Ctrl-alt-del`
> >> to the VNC4 server then click cancel.  The desktop takes
> >> about 5 seconds to fully redraw where with v3.3.7 the redraw
> >> was less than one second.
> >
> >Do you have any transparent windows or other "modern" effects active on the
> >machine that is running the server?  Does it have an unusually high-end or
> >low-end graphics card, or high-end or low-end processor?
> >
> >The screen capture code was improved to trap transparent windows in VNC 4,
> >so that may be related to performance differences between it and VNC 3.
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