MultiCasting VNC

BloF blof4 "at"
Thu Mar 11 11:34:01 2004

I am interested in making Multicasting option in vnc
I plan to make a program that will be on the server
computer and get the data from the server and send it
to the viewers using UDP protocol.
in this way, for example many computers will be able
to connect to my program (to the server...) and view
its Desktop (in TCP it will be slow..).
Like a teacher could show something on his/her
computer and all the students would see it on their

I am committed to do this as a project, and I'm afraid
its not applicable becuase my program (which is like a
client) won't be able to connect to the server on the
same computer (the error?).

Please help, and also I would like to hear your
opinion about this idea.

Waiting for your Answer,

Thanks, BloF.

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