Syntax error when starting VNCVIEWER ???

paolo pabliso polo "at"
Tue Mar 9 22:35:45 2004

Dear Rasjid,
I have tried the three commands you talked about. The results are:

Linux dreambox 2.4.20 #1 Di Feb 3 19:37:57 CET 2004 ppc unknown

cpu		: STB04xxx
clock		: 252MHz
revision	: 9.82 (pvr 4181 0952)
bogomips	: 251.49
machine		: IBM Redwood5
plb bus clock	: 63MHz

Linux version 2.4.20 (ghost "at" client) (gcc version 3.2.3) #1 Di Feb 3 19:37:57
CET 2004

About what I am trying to achieve....

We have a Laptop with WLAN which we are using around the house. Very often I
would like to share the screen content of the Laptop with others by showing
the screen content of may XP Laptop on the TV using the Dreambox.  I thought
running the VNCserver on the laptop and the VNCviewer on the Dreambox would
be a good idea. There is no problem whatsoever sending the screen from one XP
laptop to the other using VNC under XP.

Unfortunately so far I have not been successful.

I do not know if I should really just type "./vncviewer" into my telnet
session to start the viewer or if I should try to start the viewer in any other
way. I have also written the config file which has been explained in couple of
places - but again no luck.

Amon others I have gotten the viewer from

But same problem

Thanks again for your help.

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