Setenv Variables on a VNC Session

Kyle McDonald - Eagle CAD Kyle.McDonald "at" Sun.COM
Tue Mar 9 22:14:00 2004

Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> I tried the same procedure while omitting step 2. This time the program appears 
> to be loading, but the gui does not appear. The only message that appears on the
> screen indicates the database is loading. After five minutes, the program has
> still not loaded.
Make sure that $DISPLAY is really already set to point the VNC server.
(not to the machine where you're rinning the viewer.)


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> Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
>>I am trying to get a particular program to run via a VNC connection, but am
>>currently unable to do so. The program does run 
>>when invoked via a Hummingbird client connection. Here is the procedure that
>>works on the Hummingbird connection and I 
>>am trying to get to work on the VNC:
>>1. Connect to the remote client via a telnet session.
>>2. Type setenv DISPLAY <ip address>:0.0
>>3. Type setenv FOCUS /FOCUS
>>4. /usr/tools/cms/bin/focus_data_center
>>The above procedure works fine via Hummingbird, but not so with VNC. Anyone
> have
>>insight into this? Thanks. 
> Try skipping step 2 in the VNC session.
> DISPLAY should already be set to the right value. You shouldn't
> need to set it again. Also <ipaddress>:0.0 is likely the wrong
> value if you want it to run in VNC.
> If this still doesn't work, you'll have to post more details,
> like the error messages you get when running the application.
> 	-Kyle

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