Setenv Variables on a VNC Session

Kyle McDonald - Eagle CAD Kyle.McDonald "at" Sun.COM
Tue Mar 9 21:08:01 2004

Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> I am trying to get a particular program to run via a VNC connection, but am
> currently unable to do so. The program does run 
> when invoked via a Hummingbird client connection. Here is the procedure that
> works on the Hummingbird connection and I 
> am trying to get to work on the VNC:
> 1. Connect to the remote client via a telnet session.
> 2. Type setenv DISPLAY <ip address>:0.0
> 3. Type setenv FOCUS /FOCUS
> 4. /usr/tools/cms/bin/focus_data_center
> The above procedure works fine via Hummingbird, but not so with VNC. Anyone have
> insight into this? Thanks. 

Try skipping step 2 in the VNC session.

DISPLAY should already be set to the right value. You shouldn't
need to set it again. Also <ipaddress>:0.0 is likely the wrong
value if you want it to run in VNC.

If this still doesn't work, you'll have to post more details,
like the error messages you get when running the application.


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