Novell login screen

Carlyle Sutphen carlyle.sutphen "at"
Tue Mar 9 15:13:01 2004


> When I use VNC viewer from another PC to connect
> to my PC I had no problem when my PC screen saver
> is not on.  As I mentioned before, the VNC viewer
> aborts when my VNC server is on screen saver mode.

"Running WinVNC as a service


General features for both Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 95/98/ME:

* Anything which causes the Windows VNC server to change screen resolution will also cause
all viewers to be disconnected, and you'll need to reconnect. Logging in can sometimes
do this if the user has a different screen setup from the system default. Changes between
pixel formats will NOT cause clients to be disconnected, however."

Could this be the problem?



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