Cannot connect to WInXP box with UltraVNC

Peter Coulter peter "at"
Tue Mar 9 08:07:01 2004


Inline responses (in a significantly snipped email) ...

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> > So unless UltraVNC is using some other port(s) I am unaware of then as
> > far as I am concerned NIS is configured correctly (in terms of ports).
> > Input from anyone on that would be appreciated.
> 	AFAIK, UltraVNC requires only the usual TCP 5900 to work.

As I thought.

> > 2. UltraVNS and NIS 2003 are incompatible
> > I have seen some reports about this and wonder if anyone
> can confirm.
> 	Easy test: does RealVNC (either Viewer or Server) work
> in your setup?

Yes, both Viewer and Server work fine (no probs whatsoever) inside the LAN. 
So I guess that lays the incompatibility issue to rest!
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> Have you tried any tunneling of the VNC connection? 
> That's a common technique of bypassing the firewall: setup 
> your firewalls to work with (say) an SSH connection, then 
> just tunnel VNC through that.
That's my next task (in progress). 

Peter Coulter