VNC fail to Connect Win9x to Win2K

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Mar 8 16:14:01 2004

	Well, you've deleted your own message ...... no idea what it's all about......

	Is your Win2k behind firewall?  Is your Win9x updated enough to include all bug fixes?  As to your Network Neighbourhood problem, if your Win9X could "see" your Win2k, I think it's enough to say that the network is working almost correctly.

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Objet : RE: VNC fail to Connect Win9x to Win2K

It Failed when after I entered the ip addresses of the Win2K. 
1. I can ping the server
2. The Win98 is not behind firewall.
3. I can see it on the Network Neighborhood but I cannot go in. When I click on the server, I get the error \\my-win2k is not accessible. Do I have to enable something on the win2K?