Novell login screen

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Mar 8 15:06:01 2004

	Not talking about VNC, how about in normal situation?  I mean, when you're in front of Novell's console which is already in screen saver mode, if you "wake" it up, do you have the same login screen popup?

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>  OK, see if I can make it clearer.  When server screen is in normal
> display everything works fine.  I wait till screen saver on the server
> to come on.  I then startup viewer to get control of server.  It ask for
> the usual IP and password.  It accepts the password, but nothing happens
> on the viewer PC, that is, server screen does not popup. It seems to
> have aborted.
> On the server PC the the Novell login screen popup.
> Ming