Pb with the configuraition of the java interface

PHIlippe labarre labarreph "at" hotmail.com
Sun Mar 7 15:10:00 2004

   Configuration :  a lan (with 3 pcs) behind a router (Linksys WRT54G)

   Proprities in the VNC server Incoming connections :

      activation of Accept socket connections

      display number : 2

      Activation of Enable Java Viewer

   In  the  router  :  Port  forwarding  of  5800  to 5802 in TCP and UDP
   Protocol to the pc where VNC server is installed.

   When I test the Java Viewer inside the lan :  //Hector:5802 , there is
   any problem

   I fill the password then I can control the pc in question.

   But   when   I  want  to  use  it  outside  the  lan,  I  throught  by
   http://www.webrabbit.de/ ,     I    put    my    IP    address    like
   //xx.xx.xx.xx:5802 , I get this message :
   "load class
   2.vncviewer not found"

   Thanks in advance for your response and your aid with my problem

   PhiL ^_^ LihP


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