Regarding VNC4 b4 myron_in_da_house "at"
Sun Mar 7 01:22:01 2004

Are you lot at RealVNC sure that this beta is ready?  I got an odd one.

Observations . . .

Both computers are Windows XP.  (I'm evaluating/testing)

On the viewer computer (no wallpaper) issue a `Ctrl-alt-del` to the VNC4 server then click cancel.  The desktop takes about 5 seconds to fully redraw where with v3.3.7 the redraw was less than one second.

Actually, on VNC4 the screen refresh seems to be suffering quite badly.

Ok, it's a beta, understood, but I think I'll be sticking with v3.3.7.  It does actually work pretty darn well with Windows 2003 server as it stands.  On the odd occasion the server crashes, but the OS's service manager re-starts the service within a minute.