Problem on Web-browser Remote Access

Stephen Lo losl "at"
Sat Mar 6 05:39:00 2004

I have a small home network with 3 pcs connected to the internet with a
Linksys router. I want to setup one of my 3 pcs (Win98 with LAN virtual
IP for web-browser remote access with WinVNC 3.3.7. I
installed WinVNC server and setup with a password properly. In my router
I forwarded port 5800 (TCP) to
On any one of the other 2 pcs in my Lan I entered
"" as URL in my browser(s) and after
authentication I successfully access the target pc. When I entered
"" (where is my external WAN IP
from my ISP) I still could get the authentication page but got "
ConnectionException: Connection Refused" after typed in the password. I
tried 3 different browsers (netscape7, MSIE6 & Opera 7.23)on both my LAN
pcs, no luck, same outcome "Connection Refused". Java Plugin 1.4.0_01 in
my pcs. Please help me to solve this problem, thank you!!


Stephen Lo, Vancouver, BC., CA.